Calendars and planners

I am knee-deep in calendaring today, getting things organized for our young women group in 2012. I now have conference dates, youth dances, girls camp, Sunday lessons, birthdays and value focuses all in one place. It feels great!

I was then reminded of my mini planner for November, and realized I hadn’t shared that yet. So here it is: You can find the November mini planner here. Instructions for folding here.

Is anyone else thinking about 2012 already?

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3 Responses to Calendars and planners

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  2. Kristiana says:

    I am! We really struggled with the girls hanging on to their planning calendars this year and we were thinking we’d make a calendar (going along with the 2012 theme) that could fit in their scripture bags. We thought about getting a $1 calendar, but we want something with larger squares. I’d LOVE your help if you have any suggestions or templates!

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