Temple Refreshment

Here is another fun idea to share the July Visiting Teaching Message with your sisters. Pioneer Party showed these on their blog. The message is hanging on a water bottle, with a little packet of Hawaiian Punch tucked into the pocket.

“We wanted to portray the idea that the Temple is a refreshing break from the world – as is a good ol’ drink of water! It revitalizes, rejuvinates, and refreshes us! Pull out the message and unfold to read all the quotes from the Ensign.”

These would be really easy to make – they just stapled the striped paper on top of the solid red to make a pocket, and punched a hole for the bottle top to go through. Fun!

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  1. Melizza says:

    Very cute idea! I used it this evening with my sisters I visit and it was a hit, especially it being 97 degrees here in Washington State today.

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