On a Golden Springtime

This month I am working closely with a member of our primary presidency to do joint singing and sharing times. Because of our lesson plan, I am waiting to introduce “The Church of Jesus Christ” until the third Sunday. This Sunday we are focusing on the songs, “On a Golden Springtime,” and “The 6th Article of Faith”. I will introduce “On a Golden Springtime” by talking about the things we remember at Springtime – the renewal of the earth with fresh grass and flowers, the resurrection of the Savior, and the restoration of the gospel. Then we’ll sing the song through a few times, having the children listen and answer questions. Above are my not-so-fancy visuals – key words that I need, too, to keep on track with the song! I also plan on using some hand actions as we go along. I found these ideas here helpful.

Below is our tentative lesson plan for the month:

11 April 2010

LeLearn and sing “6th Article of Faith”

2.Demonstrate with building blocks the organization of primitive church and apostasy.Explain need for a reorganization or restoration.Explain how started with Joseph Smith.

3.Learn and sing “On a Golden Springtime”

-add songs about spring if kids need a break

4.JUNIOR:Dramatization activity of account in JSH 1:11-17.

SENIOR:Fill-in-blank exercise

5. The First Vision shows Gods love for us:sing “I Know that My Savior Loves Me”and/orAfter the First Vision other parts of the church were restored:sing “The Priesthood” is restored.

18 April 2010

1.Learn and sing “The Church of Jesus Christ”

2.Remind children of primitive church that Christ established when he was here.Review “Sixth Article of Faith Song”

3.Bring out building block of Jesus Christ and explain importance of Christ as the cornerstone.Sing “He Sent His Son”

4.Explain that in the restored organization of the church Christ is still the cornerstone.He established the church again when he visited J.S.Sing “On aGolden Springtime”

5.In that visit, Joseph Smith was called as a prophet.Bring out prophet block This is another part of Christ’s primitive and restored church.Sing “Follow the Prophet

6.After the First Vision, Joseph Smith’s assignment was to translate the Book of Mormon:JUNIOR:3-D glasses activity/SENIOR:Decoding activity to demonstrate the role the power of God had.Add scripture block and sing, “Books in the Book of Mormon.”

7.Finish with any practice songs needed?

25 April 2010

1.Start by reviewing “The Church of Jesus Christ.”

2.Review and place blocks from last Sunday (Jesus Christ, prophets, apostles, scriptures).What else?Sing “Sixth Article of Faith” for answer, then introduce Pastor/Bishop, Teachers, Evangelists/Missionaries blocks.This represents the Priesthood

3.Tell story of restoration of Aaronic and Melchizedeck Priesthood (from Our Heritage and JSH 1:68-72, D&C 13)Sing “Priesthood is Restored.”

4.Refer to JSH 1:69-70.Discuss importance of ordinances like baptism and gift of Holy Ghost.Add corresponding blocks.

5.Finally discuss the importance of ongoing revelation and add that block.Sing last verse of“Follow the Prophet.”The Articles of Faith are an example of modern revelation.Sing any of Article of Faith songs.

6.Conclude with appropriate song for testimony or review

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