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A few weeks ago our young women planned a “dream guy” activity. We invited some of our secret grandmothers to join a panel discussion about finding their own dream guys. The girls had prepared questions for the panel members about how they met their spouses, what their dating experiences were like, what choices led them to the temple, and how that decision has affected their lives.

After some discussion we all moved into a big circle and had everyone scoop a small dixie cup full of m&m’s.  We then went around and one at a time picked out a single m&m, and shared a thought that correlated with the color of the candy and the chart below.

Some examples: If a red candy is picked up, you would share a quality you look (or looked) for in your “Mister Marvelous”. An orange candy would have you share a marvelous quality you hope to cultivate in yourself. Blue is for sharing ways we can be united in our spiritual progression. Green is for things that we would enjoy learning with a spouse. Yellow is to share a silly story about anything, and brown is to share an idea for how to resolve conflict or overcome a trial or hardship.

I had another poster prepared (with ideas inspired by Sugardoodle), just for fun, to talk more about the girls themselves: Marvelous Me! This would be fun for any get-to-know you activity.

You can download both posters here.


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3 Responses to m&m game

  1. Debbie says:

    What a grea idea, ms. creative! I bet it was so fun for the girls thinking about their future mister marvelous. But even better, I’m sure it was a wonderful reflection down memory road for the secret grandmothers

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  3. Quinn says:

    Buenas he alucinado con tu web no te conocía hoy.

    Felicidades tienes una web fantástica Gracias por compartir con todos.

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