What kind of Ancestor will I be?

To go along with the YW lesson on Heritage, I wanted a journaling prompt, similar to what the Red Headed Hostess did. I will have several questions, and the girls can select one or two to answer:

What do I want my family to remember about me?

What legacies do I want to leave behind?

What do I want my children and grandchildren to know about me?

What traditions will help shape my future family towards righteous living?

What can I do now to prepare to become a goodly parent with a heritage of righteous traditions to pass on to my children?

As an added element of FUN, I have photos of all the girls, and have run them through the iphone app, Oldbooth. The photos above are of yours truly, but you get the idea. I’ve put a photostrip together of our whole class, and put it at the top of the journaling prompt handout. I think they will love seeing themselves and their friends as actual “ancestors”, and I hope it will get them thinking about how future generations will look back and remember the legacies that they have the opportunity to leave behind.


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  1. Maria Mink says:

    Oh Kristin!! I had never heard of OldBooth, so I went over to check it out! Let’s just say that I have had such a moment here with myself! That is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen! I downloaded it to my mac… Isabel is going to have a heyday! We entertain ourselves for hours on Photo Booth…. this will be the best!!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Haha those pics are hilarious!!

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