General Conference Basket

I’ve put together another general conference basket for my young women. I’ve actually made 2, along with some consolation prizes, for the girls to win after taking a young women broadcast “quiz”. Most of our young women attended the broadcast last week, but I’ve also let them know they can view it again here.

The basket has a binder with this printable on the front, and this printable on the back. Inside is this General Conference workbook, along with some of these pages. I made a pom pom pen, altered a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet (like Sister Dibb demonstrated during the YW broadcast), personalized a white mug, and added a few other goodies.

On the mug, I simply wrote, “General Conference warms my heart” with Sharpie paint pens. These are permanent oil-based pens – but not food safe, so a good idea to keep away from the rim. I then filled the mug with a couple hot cocoa packets.

You can download my basket tag here.

You can download my YW broadcast quiz questions here.

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5 Responses to General Conference Basket

  1. Lolly Jane says:

    Hey Kristin! Just browsing your blog for my lesson on Sunday and spied our printable. YAY!-glad you used it! Loving your blog. XO, Kristi + Kelli

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  3. Liz says:

    Love your website! I was about to send the PDF basket tag, the photo of the basket and your webpage link to about 80 sisters in a weekly RS e-mail, but the PDF file for the basket tag has an error message. I will wait to send out the e-mail if you think this can be fixed. (The wait will be worth it for the sisters to receive this wonderful idea)

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