Mission Possible Visiting Teaching Message

The June 2012 Visiting Teaching message, “Visiting Teaching – A Sacred Assignment” emphasizes the need for visiting teachers to understand their important spiritual responsibilites, and to prepare to be inspired when visiting. This “secret agent” project is meant to illustrate the importance of visiting teaching assignments. I hung a pair of sunglasses from Dollar Tree on the “file” and attached a tag that reads, “Do not attempt this mission incognito. Let your sisters know who you are and that you care!” After removing the glasses and the tag around the file that reads, “Mission Possible”, you can open the file to read more about the preparations necessary to successfully accomplish the assignment.

I attached a tag to the back of the file that reads, “Love one another” (which makes the card look like a file folder). The inside of the file reads, “Your high and holy calling, should you choose to accept it, is to be a visiting teacher which carries with it an important spiritual responsibility”. The woman graphic is filled with the things we need to prepare ourselves with before visiting our sisters: The Spirit of God, of wisdom, of humility and love”. The upper left side of the file has lines to fill in the names of the sisters you are to love and care for.

As you share this during a visit, you could discuss ways to fulfill these responsibilities as visiting teachers. This could also be a fun part of a visiting teaching conference, when giving out new assignments.

You can download this Mission Possible Visiting Teaching aid below:


Spanish (You can download this post in Spanish here)





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26 Responses to Mission Possible Visiting Teaching Message

  1. Sarah says:

    Love it Kristin, cute idea.

  2. Jennifer says:

    These are ridiculously cute!!! Thank you for being so willing to share.

  3. Ken says:

    Thank you for your faithful creativity. I’m retired and have the time to put these projects together for my grown daughter and her VT companion. They love them.

  4. Angelica Andrea says:

    Fenomenal gracias

  5. Margem SUD says:

    Hi, Kristin…
    So, but sooo cute and imaginative!
    It will help me to honor my VT calling ( althoug I´m a Primary leader).
    I couldn`t help noticing that you don`t have it in Portuguese ( and so many sisters speal only portuguese), but you´re not , of course, forced to have ALL the languages of where the Gospel has already entered…Poor You!!
    Will you do it? Or do you somebody to help on that ?
    Txs and keep on doing theese wonderfull things you`re doing!


  6. Gyrleiwe says:

    Adoro o resumo que vc faz das mensagens de professoras visitantes! Só fiquei triste o mês passado que não teve tradução para o português! Se precisar de ajudar para tradução avisa-me, eu particularmente não consigo fazer mas posso pedir ajuda ao meu esposo.

  7. Janice says:

    I have used so many of your ideas this year. Thanks for being so creative. Loved this month’s idea instantly.

  8. Elaine says:

    I could translate this to Portuguese, if necessary, but I don’t know how to replace the tags and all this stuff. If you have it in .doc file I think it would be easier!!

    Your ideas are always amazing…


  9. Kristin says:

    Sorry for the delay with the Portuguese translation. My volunteer translator assured me it is coming!

  10. Tiffany says:

    Your ideas outside of the box. I love them! Thanks for sharing these with us each month. I always look forward to your creativity.

  11. Ada says:

    Love this idea! I will be making this for my sisters : )

  12. Janica says:

    This is one of my favorite ones yet! (of course, I think that every month). Thank you for putting a fun spin on Visiting Teaching.

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  16. Summer says:

    I love it!! This will be fun to share with my sisters. Thanks, Kristin!

  17. Connie says:

    Love this idea♥ Thank you for sharing and for inspiring us to keep working and serving. You do not have any idea of the impact your creativity has in all of us, and in our sisters.

    God keeps increasing your talent…♥

    Note: If at any time you need some help in translating to Sapnish, I’ll be more than glad to do it… I do not want the sisters in my little Branch miss your wonderful and thoughtful ideas specially because those ideas motivate us to see the work as VT not just as an assigment but as a priviledge to enjoy…!

  18. Andrea says:

    THIS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE IDEA!! I am in love with it and am going to do it this month! Glad I found your blog!!

  19. Jen Hardin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and creativity with all of us! As a YW President and visiting teacher, you are my go-to resource. I absolutely love your site!

  20. Stephanie says:

    I tried to download the pdf formats for english and german but it’s saying to contact the administrator or something like that because it’s not opening up all the way. Is there any other link or attachment you have for this? Thanks!

  21. Irmã,
    Eu amei a ideia, mas o arquivo em Português está danificado. Ele abre na tela, mas quando salvo ele está danificado.
    Vc pode corrigir por favor!!!

  22. Mandy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m using this incredibly cute idea with your june 2014 project inside. I just have to tell you that I am not a natural visiting teacher, it is not something I grew up with or something I myself have been great about but seeing what you come up with every month helps me get excited about it! You make such a huge difference to me with your generosity in sharing your creative talents, thank you so much and keep up the incredible work!

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