Nature Walk Activity

Our ward is having a day-long 4th of July celebration today, complete with nature walk, river float and barbeque. I’ve collected some ideas for the nature walk, along with the printable shown above that you can download here.

photo from The Taylor House - click for link

I found the scavenger hunt list from the Taylor House – but wanted a black and white version, so made my own. The items could be collected in a sack, or simply checked off once spotted.

photo from Family Fun - click for link

You could also collect some pretty leaves and petals and make fairy people.

photo from Little Family Fun - click for link

I also love these nature name creations.

photo from 5 orange potatoes - click for link

This cootie catcher nature game is something my girls would have a lot of fun with – both creating it and then using it.

photo from Kid World Citizen

I can see some of the younger kids loving this nature bracelet using duct tape.

I will have cardstock, glue, the scavenger hunt list and duct tape out on a table so people can select an activity or two, and do whatever suits them. Happy 4th!


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  1. Kristiana says:

    Great ideas as always. I think some of these could be put together for an awesome mutual activity!

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