Christmas Breakfast

We are having a pancake breakfast for our church Christmas party this year. Using this fabulous poster as inspiration, we put this announcement together to get everyone excited for a fun morning. We will have simple decorations, but one favorite thing I’d like to share with you is the placemat we’ll be using. To help encourage the children to stay with their families while everyone eats and visits, we wanted a simple activity for them to do at the tables.

This placemat will be at every seat, and includes a beautiful coloring page (found at, a place to draw a picture of a “gift” for the Savior (found at a year of fhe), a darling maze and word search. There will be crayons at the tables for the young and young at heart to enjoy!

You can download the Christmas Placemat here, to be printed on legal size or tabloid paper.

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8 Responses to Christmas Breakfast

  1. sansku says:

    I want to be in your ward! This looks like a lot of fun!

  2. LynnEl says:

    I love the poster and the placemat! Thanks for your inspiration. I have missed seeing your posts for a while – you must be busy like the rest of us! you are quite an inspiration with all of your blog posts! Thank you for all you have done! I have used so much of your ideas for my YW and for my Visiting Teaching! Thank you! Thank you! I am grateful to have you on my radar!! 🙂 LOVE the placemat!!
    LynnEl in Illinois

  3. LOVE just the idea of the activity let alone the absolutely amazing poster! Thanks for sharing! I’m totally going to start brainwashing my ward this year so that I can maybe convince them to break tradition and do this!

  4. Sarra Bauer says:

    I’ve just been asked to plan the Ward Christmas Breakfast. I am horrible on the computer and want to make cute flyers like yours. How do I do it? I love them but don’t have a clue where to start. I would appreciate any advice you are willing to share. Thanks so much, Sarra

    • Kristin says:

      Sarra, I used InDesign to create the poster, then moved the document into Photoshop to give it a vintage look. Giving specific advice is tough – depending on what program you are using! Good luck, and hope you have fun!

  5. Debora says:

    I just love this flyer. Well, I actually love everything that you post and come here often. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind emailing this poster to me as a PDF. I can convert it into the software I use which is Microsoft Publisher. We are putting together a donations drive for the loca battered women and children shelter. Let me know. My email is Thank you so much.

  6. Melody says:

    I LOVE your Christmas breakfast poster and I was wondering if I could use it. I would just need to change the date to Dec 7th which I have no idea how to do. Would you mind if I used it for our ward Christmas party? Can you tell me how to change the date? If not I totally understand.

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