Follow the Prophet 3

Yesterday to review “Follow the Prophet”, I picked a child (using jar of popsicle sticks with names) to choose a verse to sing. We quickly reviewed lyrics while the child searched through my bowl of visual aids for the objects that belonged to the verse that was selected. We then sang the verse with the visual aids on the board.

I then had a child select a sign to direct us in singing the chorus only. That way the children are able to focus on the lyrics of the verse, and then have fun with the already well-known chorus. The child puppets are copied from “A Children’s Songbook Companion”. As the sign is raised up we sing in the way indicated – girls only, Lulu-loo, stop/go, “humming” Humphrey, “cha-cha” charlie. Shherie (soft), boys only. These little puppets never get old. I always have them on hand for when we need to have a little fun.

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