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Visiting Teaching Surprise Snowball

┬áThe December 2011 Visiting Teaching message talks again about an “extensive sphere of action” – how as we serve in our homes and communities, we have great influence on those around us. To illustrate this sphere, I made a “Surprise … Continue reading

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What kind of Ancestor will I be?

To go along with the YW lesson on Heritage, I wanted a journaling prompt, similar to what the Red Headed Hostess did. I will have several questions, and the girls can select one or two to answer: What do I … Continue reading

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Christ’s Coming Advent Calendar

I have another great advent calendar to share with you today.┬áThis Sunday I am teaching the Young Women from Manual 3 lesson 19: Heritage. The lesson begins by sharing some favorite family traditions. There are so many wonderful traditions to … Continue reading

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Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar

The Young Women have been asked to provide a craft for our upcoming Ward Christmas party. We have several ideas floating around that we may use, but one of my favorites is this Santa’s beard advent calendar. I found the … Continue reading

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of Moving and Counting

It could be ironic that I’m following the post about my favorite cookie dough with some thoughts on healthy living, or perhaps it’s more of a “cause and effect” situation! Regardless, I hope you don’t mind that I share some … Continue reading

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The Best Cookie Dough

We are cookie dough connoisseurs around here. I adore this cookie dough with its sweet buttery crunchiness. It is awesome as a cookie, but really, the dough is where it’s at. The secret is in the cornflakes and coconut. There … Continue reading

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Shores of Galilee Ornament

A friend of mine is hosting an ornament exchange party the first week of December, and I have gradually been collecting supplies to make a dozen “Shores of Galilee” ornaments. Inspired by this ornament, I asked my mom to collect … Continue reading

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m&m game

A few weeks ago our young women planned a “dream guy” activity. We invited some of our secret grandmothers to join a panel discussion about finding their own dream guys. The girls had prepared questions for the panel members about … Continue reading

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Calendars and planners

I am knee-deep in calendaring today, getting things organized for our young women group in 2012. I now have conference dates, youth dances, girls camp, Sunday lessons, birthdays and value focuses all in one place. It feels great! I was … Continue reading

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Birthday Hope

My sweet Hope is turning 4 this week, and was asked by her preschool teachers to bring in a poster to display in their classroom. It will be in the “Me Museum” all week. It was fun to pick out … Continue reading

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