YW Personal Progress

personal progress goal setting cards




Stand in Holy Places program cover and dessert table labels – mini cheesecakes with value-colored toppings







Personal Progress goal-setting cards




Leap into Personal Progress: A New Beginnings idea: When we stretch ourselves to try something new, when we jump out of comfort zones, we rise to greater heights and have moments of beauty and brilliance that otherwise may not have happened. We arise and shine forth!


YW Value Color Crayons




Arise and Shine Wands: made with giant pixy sticks; the top resembles a sunburst (shine!), and the butterfly represents us as we arise and follow the Savior.



Personal Progress at Girls Camp – complete an experience at camp, then add to books when they get home



Choice and Accountability Treat Jar: has a battery-operated light in the lid, and filled with candy corn: “Arise and Shine Forth by choosing good over evil and accepting responsibility for your decisions”


Good Works Treat Jar: download for fun-size Butterfinger wrapper; “Arise and Shine Forth by helping others and building the kingdom through righteous service”.



Good Works origami heart tutorial




Integrity candy jar filled with Bliss milk chocolate squares




Virtue candy jar filled with Rolos




Faith candy jar filled with 3Muskateers Minis




Divine Nature jar filled with Cookies and Cream Hershey Kisses




Individual Worth Treat Jar – filled with mini Kit Kats




Knowledge Treat Jar – sugar free Russell Stover Pecan Delights



15 Responses to YW Personal Progress

  1. Moani Kukua says:

    I love everything about it. I would like to order some things. Can you help?

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  4. hmac says:

    I can’t even stand how cute the value treat jars are! Will you be doing individual worth soon? It is the them for July in our Young Women’s and I need your inspiration.

    • Kristin says:

      Thank you! I am working on Individual Worth today – so should have it posted tomorrow. I’m using mini KitKats.

      • Amo seu blog,moro no Brasil e por aqui você faz sucesso,continue trabalhando com amor na obra do Senhor e chuvas de bênçãos cairão sobre você.Ah! Também tenho 5 filhos de 1 a 13 anos,são 4 meninas e 1 menino…Amo vc!

        Love your blog, I live in Brazil and here you do succeed, to continue working with love in the Lord’s work and showers of blessing fall on you.Ah! I also have 5 children 1-13 years old are four girls and a boy … I love you!

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  6. Shannon says:

    Our YW presidency LOVES the value treat jars! Do you plan on changing them to fit the new theme for the year? We would love it:)

    • Kristin says:

      Shannon – I’m still working with our YW class presidencies to see what they want to do this year. “Stand in Holy Places” treats may be coming – but I’m not sure yet! 🙂

  7. Amy Mak says:

    This is really amazing – thank you!

  8. Trina Contreras says:

    Hey, I love all you hand outs for arise and shine. I keep looking for new stuff for the new theme Stand Ye in Holy places. When will you have some of your great ideas up? I hate reinvent the wheel when we have you! Yours ideas are so awesome, You are my first stop for ideas!

    • Kristin says:

      Aw, thanks Trina! I’m just working on things as they become necessary in our group – so I’m sure things with the new theme will be coming. Just not quite sure when!

  9. samantha keyes says:

    here’s another great personal progress resource


  10. Dinorah Barrera says:

    Me encanta todo lo que he encontrado aquí, gracias por compartirlo!!!

  11. Susan Page says:

    I really love the value candy labels – do you have an editable copy so the I could this year’s theme “Stand ye in Holy Places”

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