Follow the Prophet part 2

Last week’s introduction to Follow the Prophet went pretty well. I used empty tomato sauce cans instead of my buckets, because they were easier to slide around. The children loved trying to find the different objects under the cans, and we were able to happily repeat each verse several times as we did so. Just for fun, I had everyone stand up and “walk like egyptians” for the chorus. It was a hoot.

I have prepared just three more verses of this song to learn. For the Moses verse, I have the following objects:

miniature envelope: sent to Israel
leash made from ribbon, a brad and an eyelet: He would lead them
turtle: they were slow to listen
40 paper circle: they were in the wilderness for 40 years

I used a coloring page of Jonah for this verse, found here. Here is another great coloring page if you need a whale.

My objects are:

Barbie shoe: tried to run away
Potato head ear: he later learned to listen and obey
Train engine: When we really try (it’s the little engine that could – I think I can! I think I can!)
Whale: deep down inside the whale

My last verse:

green ball: a world (use your imagination , folks! 😉
remote: go and watch the news
go sign: we can get direction
President Monson photo: If we heed the prophet

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