Jingle Bell Bracelets

I love bringing fun instruments into primary from time to time. I have pipe chimes, finger cymbals, maracas, and these jingle bell bracelets.

They are very easy to put together, and the colors of the pipe cleaners make them really festive and fun. Just thread one end of a pipe cleaner into the little loop on the bell. Thread 3 or 4 bells on, depending on their size and jingley-ness.

Then take a second pipe cleaner and twist around the first, going around the bells to keep them in place.

Then twist the ends of the pipe cleaners together, tucking in the metal ends as best as you can. I remind the children when I pass these out that there may be a pokey end on them, so to be extra careful.

These are really fun to use when singing the chorus of “Follow the Prophet”. I demonstrate how to hold the jingle bracelet quietly still during the verse, then I have the children follow my lead during the chorus as I jingle the bracelet to the left, to the right, up high, down low, in a circle…

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  1. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the idea! I have made instruments out of jingle bells before, but I sewed them on to rings of fabric (like a tamborine) and they have been slowly falling off due to all the shaking. I have tons of pipe cleaners so I'm going to do this today!

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