Chimes and Concentration Review

This Sunday we will be reviewing “The Church of Jesus Christ”, and I am still deciding if I will be using my pipe chimes or a fun hat idea from Primary Singing Ideas.

If I use my chimes, I will pass out 1 chime per child, and continue to sing the song as many times as it takes for every child to get a chance to play a chime. We will only play a chime on the note that goes with a key word of the song (belong, know, follow, etc.). That would give us 6 chimes, and allow us to repeat the song 3 or 4 times.

I took this hat image from Primary Singing Ideas. I like her idea of having a child wear a word from the song, without knowing what it is, then having the children omit that word while singing. The child with the hat then guesses what word was left out. The Silly Singing Lady describes it better here.

We will also be reviewing the Articles of Faith songs that we have learned so far this year. I made a concentration game with the key words. When the children make a match, we will sing that song.

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