My Country, My Flag

After we sing “My Country” (CS 224) a couple times to be familiar with it, I am going to place one of these patriotic leis (found at Dollar Tree) on one of the children. We will continue singing the song while the children gently remove the lei from their own person, and carefully place the lei around the child next to them, so it moves around the room. (Be sure and emphasize gently and carefully to the children, so things don’t get wild!) I’ll ask the pianist to randomly stop playing throughout the song. The child who is wearing the lei when the music stops will stand and tell us one thing he or she loves about our country!

Here is my fabuloso poster.

And another one for “My Flag, My Flag” (CS 225). I will give the children their flags while we sing this song, and have them follow my lead as I wave my flag high or low, while marching in place, changing directions, etc. Post Edit: Instead of randomly doing things with the flag, we just raised them up high every time we said the word, “flag”, then waved them like crazy whenever we said the word, “wave”. It was really fun for everyone!

And the last poster: For “America the Beautiful”, I will teach some fun hand motions as we sing. Yay America!

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6 Responses to My Country, My Flag

  1. The Children Sing says:

    I'm loving your ideas for the 4th Kristen, your kids are going to have so much fun. :o)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your ideas! I was trying to figure out how to help the kids learn "America the Beautiful" and your poster is perfect!

  3. Sheri says:

    You are so amazing! I love this calling, but I get overwhelmed trying to make it creative and fun! I work 2 jobs and have 5 kids and sometimes, my calling does not get the best of me!! I am so thankful to you for sharing great ideas that don't take a lot of time or money and that make it so fun for the kids!!

  4. tolmans says:

    Thank you for the poster idea for My Flag, My Flag. I have made one like yours, and we are also making flags to wave as we sing. What a fun idea.

  5. Mary Beth says:

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. jsilver says:

    For America the Beautiful: I took printer paper and drew a few clouds, colored light blue around them on one, another I drew grain, another I drew purple mountains, another I drew a bunch of fruit, another a crown, last sea (like you have) over a sun, and sea on the bottom. I will draw sticks (jr primary has names of all kids on blue popsicle sticks, sr has names on red sticks) to hold papers while we learn the song. Then I will draw a name to remove a paper after each time we sing til they are gone. For the older kids we will sing as a round when we have it learned. 🙂

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