The Holy Ghost

To introduce “The Holy Ghost” (CS 105) today, I started by using Bridge’s idea from her blog, The Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister. I sang the song, while we softly clapped the “constant” beat.

I then had a child come up and choose a triangle from the board. On the back of each triangle I had written a discovery question for the song. After reading the question, singing the song to find the answer, and again reviewing the discovery question, we used the triangles to form quilt blocks to build a tiny comforter (emphasizing the Holy Ghost being the Comforter).

I also had the board set up as pictured above to help everyone with the words of the first verse. Next week I will do something similar to teach the second verse, and I will add to our already built comforter from today.

The third week I will introduce some simple sign language to reinforce what we will have already learned.

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4 Responses to The Holy Ghost

  1. Bridges says:

    I love the idea of building a comforter with the discovery questions.

  2. sue says:

    DO you know what board set up you will be using for the second verse?

  3. Jaime says:

    Hi there,(sorry to leave this in your comments I couldn't find an email)

    First, I love your blog and just wanted to let you know how useful it is. I am the Primary President in my ward in Oregon.

    Anyway, my name is Jaime and I run a blog called The Dress-up Drawer and I am running a giveaway right now for a Picture Presenter which is specifically made for Primary Choristers! I was just wondering if you could, or would pass this on to your readers since it might be useful to them and is right up their alley. The winner will be announced on Wednesday the 21st.

    Thanks for your time, and here is the direct link to the giveaway post on my blog in case you want to check it out:

    ~ Jaime

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, Happy July 4th to all you Americans! Hope it's a great day for you all. I am Sue, a newly called Primary Chorister up in Canada (we are having our missionaires for dinner tonight and having hotdogs and Apple pie, I hope an "American " menu! Just wanted to say thanks for all of you who take the time to put up these blogs and ideas, a big change since I last served in Primary! (it's been years and years!) Don't know what I would do without you- thanks so much!

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