Guardians of Virtue

We had a wonderful Young Women in Excellence last night, and I thought I’d share a few details from the evening. Inspired by this evening, we sang Guardians of Virtue as a musical number, had a beautiful slide show of the girls using pictures from the year’s activities, and made shields for each young woman.

We actually had the girls make their own shields, decorating them with magazine cutouts and paint markers, describing a personal progress experience or project that they worked on this year. We had them line up (at one point in the program) holding their shields, and one at a time, completing this phrase: “I am a guardian of virtue because…” It was awesome to hear what they are doing – in one short sentence – to be an example of goodness to¬†others.

We also had these framed photos on the display tables. They turned out beautiful Рinspired from here. They were a happy take-home gift for the girls.

Our refreshments table was inspired from a doughnut-themed party, which we changed up a little for our theme.

In preparation for the evening, we talked about putting on the armor of God, and related each piece to personal progress and the things Sister Dalton talked about in her Guardians of Virtue talk. This was another idea from the Sisters in Zion blog, that I adapted by replacing the man with a young woman.

You can download the pdf here.


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  1. Jocelyn says:

    Very cool! And very creative!

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