read aloud with a craft

I read to my daughter’s third grade classroom again last week, and followed up with an easy craft: a fishing pole bookmark.

This book, “Seal Song”, is a great one for this age group. There is mysterious folklore, special friendship, and poetic phrasing. Also some eerie seal singing, “eeeeeiiiii, eeeeeiiii”. I had to practice that beforehand to get it right. ;)

I prepared these supplies for the bookmark ahead of time:

jumbo craft sticks (with a hole drilled in one end)

fish cut from sparkly craft foam



You begin by poking a hole through a foam fish with a paper clip. Then tie the string to the other end of the clip, and through the hole in the craft stick. I then had the kids write their names on the sticks with permanent markers. It was fun, fast and easy.

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  1. becky Rose says:

    Great idea! Love it!

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