YW opening exercises printable

I whipped up a new announcement sheet for our Young Women today. If you’re interested, you can download it here!

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4 Responses to YW opening exercises printable

  1. I’m doing a lesson on repentance (in July)(don’t judge that I’m already thinking about it) and I’m TOTALLY adapting this.

    Also, I’m wondering why in the world I have not experienced a Lindt truffle before…..am I missing out??

  2. Patricia SALAZAR says:

    Estoy súper contenta de encontrar esta pagina, es una maravilla tener ya todo listo y con tantas ideas, muchas gracias por la ayuda que me dan. Con cada idea que veo mis ojos se agrandan y me acomodo mejor para seguir viendo más.

  3. Tara W. says:

    I love your sheet for the Young Women’s Opening exercises. I was just wondering if there was anyway to add “Birthdays” to the list?

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