Revelation and Personal Inspiration

The May 2012 Visiting Teaching message is to be selected from the talks in our most recent General Conference. I was drawn to Elder Richard G. Scott’s talk, How to Obtain Revelation and Inspiration for Your Personal Life. He talks about the Holy Ghost guiding us in our mortal journey, and then gave several patterns and principles to follow. It reminded me of following a map, with explicit directions on how to arrive safely at our destination – that of happiness through divine guidance.

With that in mind, I adapted a free printable game to help discuss Elder Scott’s remarks. I set the game up for one player – so the sister we visit could play the game, while my companion or myself refers to a list of things that help or detract from us receiving heavenly help. To play the game you rotate the squares of paper to make a path towards the “Midpoint Card” and back home again. To share with my sisters I’ve printed the game on colored cardstock, cut it, then put into a bag with 2 buttons as markers. This would also be a great future Family Home Evening lesson, and is easily adapted to any topic.

Download printables below:

“The Way” game

Elder Scott’s talk

Teaching Aid in:





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4 Responses to Revelation and Personal Inspiration

  1. Susan says:

    I love seeing your creativity in action! It seemed like Elder Scott was distilling some previous messages into one great whole for his message at the last conference. I’m so glad you highlighted it like this. Thanks!

  2. Kara says:

    I’m looking for this game but the link sends me to an “ad space”. Could you tell me what the name of the game is or another link so that I can find it? I’d like to adapt this to a Come Follow Me lesson about the Restoration in April. Thank you!

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