Pulling Back the Curtain

I’ve made this fun “curtain” card to go with the December 2012 Visiting Teaching message, Visiting Teaching, A Work of Salvation. It has this quote printed on the front:

“You are going to save souls,” said President Kimball to visiting teachers, “and who can tell but that many of the fine active people in the Church today are active because you were in their homes and gave them a new outlook, a new vision.

When you open the card, the curtain slides open to reveal a scripture reference, and below that is the rest of the quote:

You pulled back the curtain. You extended their horizons. …

“You see, you are not only saving these sisters, but perhaps also their husbands and their homes.”

To make the card, print the file found at the bottom of this post on three different colors of heavy cardstock.

Cut out all the pieces, score and fold on the dotted lines, and arrange so you have contrasting colors for the three cards.

Fold your card as shown above.

Lay the inside places in the card to make sure you have the circles centered.

Tape the heart with scripture down, then place the “curtains” on top.

Using double sided tape, adhere the middle piece on top, again making sure it is centered. The top piece of tape I cut in half horizontally so as to not interfere with the curtains.

Finally, add pieces of double-sided tape to the ends of the curtains, and close the card, pushing down on the front to adhere everything well.

When you open the card back up, it will slide the curtains open. I did have some trouble closing the card again, and have to manipulate the curtains a bit to keep them from crossing and getting stuck – but it is a fun little surprise that will hopefully make you and those you visit smile! I also added some embellishment on a couple cards, because my cutting was a little messy, and the doodling helped to mask it! I followed the video tutorial here for the card, if you’d like some additional help.

You can download my curtain card below. (Thanks again to my wonderful translators!):


Spanish (view entire post in Spanish here)





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8 Responses to Pulling Back the Curtain

  1. corrin says:

    well that really is the cleverst, sweetest idea I have seen in a long time! thank you! 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    Amazing! You really have a gift for putting together these handouts – they do more than just share a quote, they visually show the concept. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lydia says:

    You are the greatest. Sharing your bright ideas in Spanish helps more than you’ve imagined. Thank you & your little interpreting elves for your labor of love.

  4. Lana says:

    You are one creative and clever gal! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  5. maria jose i.da costa says:

    poderia colocar em portugues?obrigado

  6. Rejane Reis says:

    Obrigada! Todos os meses fico só esperando a versão em português…ADORO! Parabéns pela dedicação e carinho!

  7. Silvia Salazar says:

    Muchísimas gracias nuevamente. Compartiré los míos con ustedes.

  8. Dedie says:

    I have the nook scrap down loaded to my computer already. I don’t know why I cannot get your English for Jan 2013 to come up so that I can make a copy.

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