Girls Camp Fundraiser

The last couple years our young women have assembled bake-your-own pizzas to help offset the cost of Girls Camp. My husband made this flier for us this year, and I thought it might be a source of inspiration to other units trying to do their own fundraisers. We buy all our ingredients from the cafe at Sam’s Club – cardboard rounds, pre-baked pizza crusts, sauce, cheese and pepperoni. We get a big assembly line going – one table for saucing, another for cheese and pepperoni, and another to wrap in plastic along with baking directions.

Does anyone have any other successful girls camp fundraiser ideas?


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  1. Jackie says:

    This is so fun! I was wondering if you happen to have cost breakdown or if you can give me an idea of profit per pizza? I would be interested in doing this for cub scouts but wondered if you have the file in editable format. Thanks for this idea, you are truly amazing!

  2. I have been part of two great fund raisers. The first was selling tulip plants. A local grower sold us plants for 2.50 each, and we sold them for $6 for Valentine’s Day. It helped that we found someone who was willing to sell to us for such a great price.
    Then when I moved to a different ward we came up with selling chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Strawberries usually go on sale for Valentine’s Day so we have been able to do quite well with the fundraiser. We get together on the Saturday morning before Valentine’s and melt chocolate (from Winco) in crockpots and then dip the strawberries. After the milk chocolate sets we use a squeeze bottle to put a drizzle of white chocolate on top and package them in a take out box (from Cash and Carry) with a ribbon (from Costco) around it. We get the strawberries from whichever store has them for the best price.
    The chocolate dipped strawberries sell for $10 for a half dozen and the girls make over $7 per order. It is nice because it is a good profit margin, and our customers have said that our berries look as nice as the ones from Sherri’s and since they don’t have to be shipped are cheaper.
    The one caveat to this fundraiser is they have to be delivered right away. So after you finish dipping, drizzling, and packaging all the strawberries they have to be delivered or picked up right away since they only last a couple days. The last two years our girls who have participated in the fundraiser have been able to earn nearly all the money they need for Girls Camp.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I too would like a breakdown cost. Also, an edible version of the documents if you are willing to share them. We have always done the hot and ready spaghetti dinners. We assemble them and they are picked up by the families. $5 a meal or $25 per family. We made about $2.50-3.00 per meal, but with food rising, we are hoping we can still make that much. Our ward has loved this so much. We have done it for the last 2 years.

    • Kristin says:

      If I remember correctly, I think we made a $4 profit on each pizza. I don’t have an editable file available for the flier, but am considering offering a customized version for purchase.

  4. SC says:

    I guess I am a bit confused by all this- the new handbook has some strict regulations on fundraising and this doesn’t fit in the guidelines. Really, the only way to earn money and follow the guidelines is to have work days, selling anything doesn’t fit.

    • Kristin says:

      Selling something is fine, as long as it is not a “commercial good or service”.

      • SC says:

        Not trying to pick a fight-just asking questions, but wouldn’t these things be taxable? And where do you prepare the food items, wouldn’t it have to be in an approved kitchen?

        • Kristin says:

          Sorry, I guess I don’t have the legal expertise to respond to your questions! I guess the thing to do is to ask your unit/stake leaders to make sure it is okay.

          • SC says:

            I guess that’s why I’m not understanding this-we have been advised in our stake/area not to do fundraisers like this because of the legal ramifications for the church. It says in the handbook that it should first come out of the budget, if not, then families are responsible, and then as a very last resort a fundraiser can be done if needed-but there are many restrictions. Very cute ideas you have though-I love all your yw helps, thanks!

  5. Kristin says:

    Actually – I love how this fundraiser fits the parameters of what is encouraged in the Church Handbook: It provides a meaningful value or service (dinner!). It is a positive experience that builds unity – the girls all work together to make it happen.

  6. Amanda says:

    Last year we had a spaghetti feed then a dessert auction afterwards. We had SO many people come and support us. This year we did the same sort of thing but turned it into a chili night and we had a fun little chili competition for those who wanted to participate. Then we did the dessert auction again.
    It has paid for each of our girls to attend camp and then enough for more activities/events both years!
    (We have a suggested donation listed but people can pay or not pay as much, whatever they want then the auction is the same deal. Our ward/community love this and can’t wait for next year!)

  7. Cindy says:

    We washed windows…and it was a HUGE success. We charged $30 the first couple years and then increased to $35. We would have sign-ups sheets circulate around church for a couple of weeks. Then we would set a date, split into teams and divide & conquer. It only takes a couple hours depending on how many girls/houses you have. We did ask the homeowners to remove the screens. (we didn’t want to be liable for damage) We have an average of 30-40 houses every year and approx 30 girls. (Please note that we do NOT have any 2 story houses in our neighborhood – perhaps you could do a discounted rate & only wash the ground level?)

    There is very minimal cost going into it. There are many online “recipes” for glass cleaner – ours included alcohol so it would dry quickly. We also purchased a product called “Once Over” and it lasted us 2 years. We only used it for windows with hard water stains – it is an amazing product!!

    If one group finishes up early, they check on another group and help them, and continue until everyone is done. Then we meet together & enjoy popsicles (because it’s usually pretty hot by then.)

    Our ward members LOVE this fundraiser – it provides a great opportunity for the girls to provide a much needed service.

    P.S. Since we have been released – they no longer do this and several ward members have mentioned how much they miss it. 🙂

  8. Suzanne Collins says:

    Thank you for posting this idea. I love it. I would like to do this same fundraiser with my YW. May I use your flyer? If so, I would like make some changes on the flyer (date, pick-up address, etc.) Is it possible to send me the file in order to make those changes?

    A million thanks,

  9. Jami Hertel says:

    Could you change this to cookie dough? How much would you chargé? Email me Asap thanks!

  10. hausfrauChelsea says:

    We have 3 different wards in our town that did fundraisers this year for GC. One did pizzas, another sold 1-lb. blocks of homemade cookie dough, and the other had a family photo session with a photographer in their ward, promising all edited images on a disk for self-printing. [All that was required was the photographer’s time (so generous for him to donate!) and a stack of CDs (VERY inexpensive). Great idea and they had 15 minute time slots on a specified morning that had to be signed up for. ]

    All 3 ‘campaigns’ were VERY successful!

  11. Susan says:

    SO many terrific ideas on this page- love this!

  12. Jared says:

    I was thinking about doing something like this for a Scout fundraiser, only doing it the night before the Super Bowl so that people could have pizza for Super Bowl Sunday. How many pizzas were you able to sell? I’m trying to guage how popular this might be. Thanks.

  13. April Bullard says:

    This pizza idea sounds so great. It would be different than any other GC fundraiser we have ever done. Did you make your own pizza dough? Any tricks to having the girls make nice looking, good quality pizzas? Where did you get the pizza boxes?

    • Kristin says:

      April, we bought all our supplies from the Sam’s Club cafe. The crusts are pre-baked, so we just assemble everything, place on cardboard rounds (also bought from Sam’s), then wrap and wrap with jumbo-sized platic wrap.

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