Joy in Family History

The Visiting Teaching message for June is, Joy in Family History. I haven’t made a teaching aid this time around, but instead have a few links to share that might be helpful to you as you prepare a lesson.

This bookmark highlights a quote from the message and has a good list of family history responsibilities on the back.

I love these free printable journaling pages, and could be a fun way to jumpstart starting one’s personal history.

Another good site for thoughtful journaling prompts is found at the This is Me Challenge.

I love this talk from Elder John H. Groberg about Writing Your Personal and Family History.


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5 Responses to Joy in Family History

  1. Aleshia says:

    Your aid craft will be greatly missed this month! My companion and I have been using your aids for over a year now 😀 We’ll make-do this month without ya, but I sure hope to see more of your genius teaching aids in the months to come. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Sisters WORLDWIDE are benefiting from your wonderful talents <3

  2. Brenda Wahrer says:

    Thank you for sharing this month. I was inspired by the talk given by Elder Groberg on family histories. Thank you for taking this a ‘step further’ and inspiring us as visiting teachers. Handouts are great but I can always us a little extra to help those I visit teach.

  3. Eu falo português, moro no Brasil, já há muito tempo sigo o seu Blog e gostaria de agradecer por todo o material que compartilha conosco. Você é muito talentosa e seus trabalhos são maravilhosos. Que o Senhor a abençoe sempre! <3

  4. Rocio says:

    Hola un placer haber compartido el mensaje del mes de Junio. Ahora anciosa de trabajar con el Nuevo proyecto para el mes de Julio.
    Muchas gracias por siempre tenernos al dia.
    Nos estimula a hacer nuestras visitas gracias por compartir tan bellas e inspiradoras ideas.

  5. Heather Gavin says:

    I have been missing your awesome and creative handouts for these past few months! I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into all the ideas on your site and tell you that you have blessed the lives of many! Thank you again!

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