Ball Jar Party

I wanted to share this fun Ball Jar Party we recently had with our young women and their secret grandmothers. These invites were sent out to everyone a few weeks in advance.

The jar invite was placed on top of a questionnaire, the answers to which would be read the evening of the activity. Prizes were given to girls and grandmothers that could identify whose answers were being read.

As guests arrived we placed stickers on their backs, and everyone had to ask yes and no questions to determine what famous “ball” they were.

Ball jars were filled with lace, marbles, popcorn and circles. We wrote down  “How Many, and How Much” were in the jars, then had prizes at the end of the evening for those with the closest guesses.

Tables were decorated with Ball jars filled with flowers, and place cards with jars printed on them.

We drank lemonade from jars, and had fruit purees available to mix in – strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. So yummy!

We also brought desserts in jars – Key Lime Pie, and Layered Red Velvet Cakes. I will share recipes soon, because they were fantastic.

Here is a closeup of my red velvets. They are layered with raspberry whipped cream and cream cheese frosting. I loved this party so much. It was as fun to put together as it was to participate in! Here is a link to some of the printables we used.

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2 Responses to Ball Jar Party

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this idea! We had so much fun last year “copying” your “Secret Grandmothers” idea and the grandmas were all hoping we’d do it again this year! I think we may use your idea somehow for our New Beginnings!

  2. Teela Zitting says:

    Hi, I am wanting to get more info on your Ball Jar party like how you decorated, and your recipes to your desserts. I am a Girls Activity days leader and am doing a Mother’s day dinner and wanted to incorporate your Ball Jar Party idea and have the grandmothers come also. How did you do the tidbits at your party? Any extra info would be a great help . Thank you so much!

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