2013 Ornament Exchange

I hosted our 3rd annual ornament exchange in my home this year. It was again, such a treat. Just to recap how we do it: There are 12 ladies in our exchange group. Sometime in September we send out invitations to everyone, so they can keep their calendars open on the planned-on date. That also gives everyone plenty of time to work on their ornaments before the busy holiday season begins. Half of the group is assigned to bring a salad, and the other half brings a dessert, with the exception of the hostess who brings rolls and provides a drink for the luncheon. I did a hot cocoa bar this year, using this slow cooker recipe. I had salted caramel and coconut-flavored syrups, crushed candy canes, marshmallows and whipped cream as possible add-ins.

Now for the ornaments! I made “nesting spoons” (inspiration taken here) from old silver spoons found at an antique store. Each spoon was unique, and filled with moss, eggs made from sculpey clay, acorn hat “nests”, berries, glittery mini pine cones, and shells. My husband drilled a hole at the top of each spoon through which I fed a piece of twine as a hanger.

This is a tin star with pages from an old hymnal mod podged to it’s front, then decorated with bells, ribbon and a pine cone.

Next is a sweet little button tree.

A sculpey penguin!

This is a soldered ornament, with images of Christmas trees sandwiched between two pieces of glass.

A felt stitched star

An angel made from wood, sticks and wire. the wings are cut from the lid of a #10 can, then “aged” by fire in a barbeque!

A beautifully stitched and beaded star.

A spoon painted and wire wrapped, with a fun family story to go with it.

Soda can angels – each one personalized to the recipient.

Sweet, sweet angel.

A bird cage made with an antique Bell jar lid.


Each year I come away amazed by my friends’ creativity and beautifully crafted works of art! If you’d like to see previous years ornaments, check them out here and here.

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  1. Ann Despain says:

    I love this idea! Is this a neighborhood group? Or just friends? I host a lot of things, but I would have a hard time picking 12 people without feeling like I was leaving someone out! Help!

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