General Women’s Meeting Invitation

The general women’s meeting of the Church is to be broadcast Saturday, March 29, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. mountain daylight time. We have been working to coordinate this event in our ward, to make it a special occasion for the girls, young women and Relief Society sisters ages 8 & up. We will have a potluck dinner just before the broadcast and some traditional crafts to enjoy while chatting before the broadcast begins.

Our theme for the evening is “traditions”, since this broadcast could be the beginning of a wonderful family, ward and (even) worldwide tradition.

Our invite opens to reveal pockets that include a recipe card with instructions to bring a favorite family dish, its recipe and a tradition or memory the dish represents. There is also a tag reminder of the date, time and significance of the broadcast.

The recipe card is printed on paper folded in half to make a tent which can be placed next to the dish at the potluck. On the back side is a place to jot down why the recipe is special.

Other ideas for the evening were to decorate tables with old family pictures, and vintage globes or maps. We will have copies of paper dolls on the tables along with crayons and scissors for the young and young at heart. We may have a rock-painting station in the room where sisters can paint rocks with hearts to take home with them and then place outside in random places as surprises for others to come across. There will also be a quilt set up to tie.

You can download the invitation, recipe card, tag and potluck signup sheet here. You will need to open them in a graphics program to enter your own time and place information.

UPDATE: Here is another printable with quotes from General Women Auxiliary leaders about why RS, YW and 8 & up Primary girls are meeting together.

(I originally found the free recipe card download here.)

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  2. Sister Dalton says:

    Do you make a vt theme craft for every month? I loved the sheep, but found it too late. Wondering if I could still pull off March!

  3. Your brilliance and creativity continue to amaze me, Kristin! These are so simple and yet so GORGEOUS. Bravo!

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