Primary Program Song Review at Home

I am the new Primary Music Leader in our Ward! It’s been fun jumping back into the primary, and getting ready for the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation. I made a song review game for every family in our Primary (we have under 20) to take home.

The basic idea is to choose a puzzle piece out of the baggie, then set it in place over the lyrics to one of our Primary program songs. After singing the song, there is some poster tack in the baggie to use to adhere the puzzle piece to the lyric sheet.

Once the puzzle is complete, they can toss a bean bag, and reverse the puzzle process by singing, then replacing the puzzle pieces into the baggie until the lyric sheet is clear.

The front of the file folder has instructions for the choosing games, and a tiny bean bag attached with washi tape. You can download the files I made here.

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