Patriotic Pipe Chimes

I am going to bring out my pipe chimes to play as we sing “My Country, Tis of Thee” this Sunday. I thought it was appropriate to play chimes on the song that calls for freedom to “ring”!

I have my poster done up, showing by number which chime is played on what word. You could also use finger chimes, or triangles if you have those instead.

This is the pattern for musical pipes as found in the “Creative Homemaking for Happy Living” book the Church used to use. I need to make a stand like this for mine!

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  1. The Children Sing says:

    You're right, Kristen, about the 4th being the perfect music occasion for the pipe chimes. I really need to take mine one of these days. Thanks for the reminders. I don't have a stand either, I just use the broomstick at home, which doesn't work too well and looks even tackier. 🙂 At church I just have the kids hold them. I like the way you've made the poster. Do you use the chimes with the little ones at all? When I use them with the JR's they just seem to randomly bang on them. I can't seem to help them "read" any kind of cue. Which doesn't matter really because I try to choose the chimes that will make a chord anyway, or at least be okay if they are sounded together. I'm just wondering how it works for you. I always look forward to your posts.

  2. Kristin says:

    Hi Kathleen. I do use the chimes with the jr's. They actually do great with them. As I hand out the chimes I remind everyone to not make a sound with them until I tell them it is time. I am pretty strict, especially with the sr's, about taking away instruments when directions are not followed. No one wants their instrument taken away, so they are usually very careful. Once all the chimes are passed out I let them do a practice chime, then we sing the song. I make sure everyone knows what number chime they are holding and just point to my chart as we sing. Only the Sunbeams need a teacher to help them chime at the right time, so I make sure only one Sunbeam at a time has one. I don't do chords (except for maybe a big finish!) – just single notes to keep it simple!

  3. linda says:

    Where do all of you get your chimes? I would love to get some for my primary kids to use and my grand kids would love them, too1 Thanks!

  4. Kristin says:

    Linda – the pipes are cut from regular ol' galvanized steel pipes that you can get at most any home improvement store. You need a pipe cutter to cut at the appropriate lengths. I'm not sure if the guys at the store will do that for you, but you could ask! I got my pipes from my mom when her ward made them for all the sisters at a RS activity. They are fun to get out at Christmas time and play carols with all the chords.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!! I was looking online last night for a fun idea and came across this one. I forgot about my pipe chimes my MIL had made me. The kids LOVED it! I had 5 children come up and each hold one pipe and I hit the chimes (I thought it might help the reverence if only I was hitting the chimes, they just loved to have a chance to hold one) After we sang it one time through they would trade off to other children and I would have 5 different children come up and we sang it again. They wanted to keep taking turns until we ran out of time. I think almost if not all of the Primary children had a turn today to hold a chime. Thanks again!
    -Aimee C. Draper, UT

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for showing the cool pipe chimes did you order yours from I am looking to pick up a set

  7. Anonymous says:

    I ordered my pipe chimes from A great company that sends out the pipe chimes right away. They also have directions for making them I noticed.

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