Patriotic Singing Time

I am excited to sing some patriotic songs this Sunday for the Fourth of July. I plan on singing the following:

CS 224 My Country (click here for more)
CS 225 My Flag, My Flag
Hymns 339 My Country, Tis of Thee (click here for more)
Hymns 338 America the Beautiful

Because these are all new songs for our children, I will write the lyrics on large sheets of paper to hang on the chalkboard. I am still working out the details for what I will do for each song, but today I am working on these miniature American flags for the children to hold as we sing, “My Flag, My Flag”. I found the flag garland at Dollar Tree. It has 50 – 60 little flags on it that I am cutting off and taping to red, white and blue straws. I also trimmed the bendy part off the straws to make them more proportional to the tiny flags.

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  1. House of Hamblin says:

    When you think of how you are going to sing the songs for this sunday, will you please post them? I am stumped on what to do for the 4th, and I love your idea thus far. In the meantime, I will get the flags done for each child! Thanks a bunch! Jane

  2. Mary says:

    I started teaching some of the same songs in our primary last week. I also, found miniature flags to let the children wave. We will use them again next Sunday.

    For the song, "My Flag, My Flag" I divided it into two parts with four people to represent the lines of each. I bought four larger flags:

    "My flag, my flag my country's flag" (waved a larger flag)
    "I love to see you wave" (held a heart flag image with the lyrics– included in my flipchart)
    "My flag, my flag my country's flag" (waved the larger flag)
    "The banner of the brave" (I found a cute Uncle Sam banner at the dollar store and hung the word brave on him)

    "Wave on, wave on forever (waved a larger flag)
    "The banner of the free" ( I also, found a cute eagle banner at the dollar store and hung the word free on him)
    "Wave on, wave on forever (waved a larger flag)
    "The flag of liberty" ( I put a crown on a girl and gave her a small flashlight with yellow tissue paper wrapped around it to look like the torch)

    We then sang the chorus to "You're a Grand Old Flag" using the flip chart. I found the sheet music at the Library of Congress. I've included the chorus as an attachment. (The flip chart has two images for the words, "Ev'ry heart beats true neath the red, white and blue" because I used one to wrap around a large can to make a drum")

    For opening exercises we sang, "The Star-Spangled Banner" and we closed with "Book of Mormon Stories" ( a new verse I wrote about the Title of Liberty.) You could also, use the second verse, but I wanted the children to know about the "Title of Liberty" and that Moroni made a flag that flew over this choice land. I also taught hand gestures to go with the verse.

    I will send you the flip charts if you are interested in using them.

    I hope someone else might enjoy using them.

    Sincerely, Mary Judy
    Cliffside 2nd Ward, Logan, Utah

  3. Mary says:

    I'm not sure how to contact you to send the flip charts. Let me know. Thanks

  4. House of Hamblin says:

    Hello Mary…yes, please send me the flipchart. My email is Thanks so very much. You are so appreciated! Now I can do everything I need to do. Thanks to both you and whoever runs this blog. You guys are amazing!!

  5. Kristin says:

    Mary – you can email me at and I will try to get your flipchart a download link. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Our Family says:

    I love all these ideas as well and would love to download your flipchart, Mary, if it's not too much trouble. My email is – thanks so much for sharing such wonderful ideas on this blog. It definitely gets my wheels turning!

  7. cherise says:

    Mary Please Please send me the flipcharts too:)
    my emil address is
    thanks for taking the time to share.

  8. Susan says:

    I too would love to use your flipcharts — thanks so much for your ideas!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I would love to use your flip chart for "You're a Grand Old Flag" if you do not mind sending it to Thanks

  10. KSA says:

    I would love the flip charts too…you rock

  11. Kristin says:

    I'm sorry – but I no longer have the link for the flip chart!

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