Following the Prophet

We did our Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation last Sunday – it was fun and beautiful – and I love having our program just before General Conference. We had a nice break from regularly scheduled meetings, and now I am excited to go back and sing some fresh songs.

The October week 1 theme is: Following the prophet will help us come unto Christ. I have an old laminated family home evening kit that has pictures and words describing ways we can follow some of the prophets teachings. I plan on putting corresponding songs on the back of a few of the pictures, and a word to descramble on others. You could use actual objects, and the children would love that as well.

The songs I have chosen (click here to see how I will present them):
Be a missionary: We’ll Bring the World His Truth (CS 172)
Learn to work at home and do a good job: When We’re Helping (CS 198)
Respect your parents: Love is Spoken Here (CS 190)
Plant a Garden: The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden (CS 237)
Be a friend to the friendless: Kindness Begins with Me (CS 145)

Read and study the Book of Mormon: M
Keep the Word of Wisdom: O
Pay your tithing: N
Believe in Jesus Christ: S
Smile and be kind to others: O
Write in your journal each day: N

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  1. The Children Sing says:

    Congratulations on a good program!

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