What’s in my apron

I posted a few days ago my “Follow the Prophet” singing time. These are the visual aids I’ll have in my apron pockets to help with each song. All of these ideas came from my favorite music go-to book, A Children’s Songbook Companion.

We’ll Bring the World His Truth (CS 172)
I have a picture of the army of Helaman, and will give a brief overview of their story, along with a super visual – 20 pages with 100 stick figures on each, taped together to represent the 2,000 young men. I have key words for the first two verses written on paper feathers.

When We’re Helping (CS 198)
I will have a spoon, some socks, and a dusting cloth for children to choose from my pockets, and we will play-act helping using these items during the “tra la la” part of the song. We will also clap to the beat of this fun Greman folk song rhythm. (1-2-3)

Love is Spoken Here (CS 190)
No visuals for this one.

The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden (CS 237)
I have a picture of President Kimball, who often encouraged families to work together in the garden. We will do sign language with this song. This is a great site to find ASL words.

Kindness Begins with Me (CS 145)
Some visuals I copied from the book.

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