Misionary singing time

I’m excited for today’s singing time. We are talking about being missionaries today, and because I wanted to learn a new birthday song, I decided to introduce “Feliz Cumpleanos (CS 282). We can talk a little about understanding different cultures, and how many missionaries learn new languages to share the gospel around the world. I am bringing a large world map to show where the phrases in the song come from, along with some birthday cards with “Happy Birthday” written inside in the different languages. I thought this would be really fun when we have several birthday children up front – they can hold the cards up as we sing to them. (Plus, it will be fun to sing while shaking a maraca!) The art for the cards come from A Children’s Songbook Companion.

After singing the birthday song a few times, we will review “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” (CS 172). If we have time I have one more activity planned.

I want to very briefly share the story found in this Friend article. I will then have the first six Article of Faith cards set up on a table face down, with a different color crayon on each. I will choose a reverent child to pick a crayon to draw missionary clothes on the child outline, and we will sing the song that goes with the corresponding Article of Faith card. I’ll talk about the importance of knowing what we believe, so we can be better missionaries to our friends, and how memorizing the Articles of Faith help us to do that.

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4 Responses to Misionary singing time

  1. Carbonneau says:

    I've really been wanting to teach the feliz cumpleano song. Great idea! thank you for sharing your hard work!

  2. The Children Sing says:

    I love this idea Kristin. Did you use more than one missionary outline (one for each song) or did the kids draw part of the clothing on one outline. Did you enlarge it at all? This is a great missionary theme idea!

  3. Kristin says:

    Hi Kathleen! I used the one missionary outline for all six songs (and had 2 copies – one for jr and one for sr). I let a child choose one thing to draw per song- a shirt, tie, nametag, walking shoes – whatever. I didn't enlarge – I just took it off the board when we were done and brought it a little closer to everyone to get a better look. It was really fun – we had a great time.

  4. Jeff and Lori says:

    This is a wonderful idea! I love the different sensory approach and focus on gospel principles. Excellent job! I think I'll borrow a few of the ideas 🙂

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