Super Apron Cape

When Amy G. commented on how fun it would be to give an actual cape to the sisters we visit teach, it got me thinking. Why not create a cape that serves as a mild-mannered apron one moment, then changes to a feisty playful super cape the next?
These take a bit more time and effort than the lollipops, but they are super fun. I used the tutorial for t-shirt aprons found here. I just used some t-shirt scraps to make the logo on front, but if you found an actual Superman t-shirt at a thrift store, that would work amazingly as well.
We like this one because of the pockets, but all the variation are fun to play with.
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4 Responses to Super Apron Cape

  1. Patty Ann says:

    This is a great idea!! It is so fun!

  2. Lorie says:

    I like the heart logo. I think it goes great with RS.

  3. Anonymous says:


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