PROS planner

I’ve made another mini planner. I love the versatility of these little books. This one is to help take on the challenge given by the General Young Women presidency to be 100% in PROS:

Pray every day

Read at least 5 minutes in the Book of Mormon every day

Obey the commandments every day

Smile and change the world every day

There is a page for every day of the week to write your thoughts as you do these things. After your morning and evening prayer, write a thought that came to you as you prayed. After you read the scriptures, write down one principle or idea was meaningful in your study. Choose something to be especially obedient in, and write it down. Smile, and take note of how you felt, or how someone reacted to your smile.

You many want to challenge yourself or a youth in your circle of influence to take on the PROS challenge and use this planner for a week. It would be a great way to begin a habit of meaningful thought and action.

You can download the PROS planner here. For best printing results, save the pdf file to your desktop (or other preferred location), then open with Adobe Acrobat.

Click here for folding instructions.

You can also find pretty PROS word art here.

You can go here to read an article from the Church News about PROS and smiling


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8 Responses to PROS planner

  1. Melanie says:

    Love it, but wanted to let you know your PROS are in the wrong order in the pic and download. It should say, PRAY, READ, OBEY, SMILE. Yours has it, READ, PRAY, OBEY, SMILE.

  2. Nikki says:

    Were you at Siste Dalton’s training this last Thursday? She re-emphasized this in regards to the leaders. I am sooo excited to use this and to make copies for the other women I serve with! Thank you for you amazing talents!

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  4. Hi! I excited to share this with sisters that serving in Young Women, but i can´t found the sister Dalton’s talk (about PROS). Can you help me?
    A lot of thanks!

    • Kristin says:

      Vânia – I haven’t been able to find an official online article for PROS, either – We were visited by Sister Cook in an area training meeting, and she explained PROS to us there. The only thing I found online was the article referred to in this post by the Church News.

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