Candy Cane Greetings

Twinkle appeared this morning next to the shepherd from our nativity. She was holding two candy canes – one in the shape of a J for Jesus, and the other right side up like a shepherd’s staff. Around her neck is this poem:

Look at the candy cane, what do you see?

Stripes that are red, like the blood shed for me.

White is for my Savior, so pure and so bright.

“J” is for Jesus, my Lord, and my light.

Turn it around, and a staff you will see.

Jesus my Shepherd was born for me.

With the shepherd’s coming, our nativity is nearly complete. There are just three figures that have yet to appear. Twinkle is doing a great job of reminding us the reason for the season.


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  1. Jocelyn says:

    I love you Twinkle!!!!

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