Visiting Teaching Watchcare Wheel

The January 2012 Visiting Teaching message is about how we can better watchcare and minister to our sisters. Sister Beck said, “In reality, visiting teaching is never finished. It is more a way of life than a task. Faithfully serving as a visiting teacher is evidence of our discipleship.”

This Visiting Teaching Watchcare Wheel is meant to inspire us to watch over our sisters a little better – to be mindful every day of ways we can contact, influence and uplift those in our care.

As you spin the two outer wheels, watch how the different means of contact line up with things to do or say to the sisters you visit teach. You can e-mail a sincere compliment, offer help through a text, say thank you in facebook, or give encouragement through a note passed at church. How to share a treat through the mail? Send a recipe. How to send a smile in a note? Share a joke, or just remind her of something fantastic about herself!

Give the wheel a spin frequently and see if there is a way you could reach out and love the sisters you visit – even if it as simple as a prayer offered on her behalf (which you could then acknowledge that you are thinking of her, in any of the methods aforementioned)!

I printed the Visiting Teaching Watchcare Wheel in three different colors, then mixed and matched my copies so each collated wheel is slightly different. After putting together, insert a brad in the middle of the wheels. You can also add self-adhesive magnets to the back of the wheel, so it can be kept on the fridge or a message board.

You can download the wheel below:


Spanish (click for the entire post in Spanish)







Thank you so much to my translators: Birgitta, Blanche, Christine, Ana Carolina, Priscila, Delmy, May and Cheiko!

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25 Responses to Visiting Teaching Watchcare Wheel

  1. Sarah says:

    You are so amazing Kristin! WOW, very cool.

  2. Candy says:

    I LOVE this idea! I am a visiting teaching supervisor and this is perfect for my mid month reminder to the sisters on taking better care of their sisters! Only problem is that I can’t seem to get it to download. Would you mind emailing me a copy?

  3. Megan says:

    I love the wheel! I also love that you have this up before I have even thought about January!!!

    I only have one active sister on my route (and four inactive sisters). The message doesn’t seem very applicable to those that aren’t visiting teachers. I will have to ponder that.

  4. Deb says:

    you are amazing! i LOVE this idea for the visiting teachers in our ward. thank you!!!

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  6. matilde says:

    eu amo suas ideias, sempre compartilho com as irmãs daqui do Brasil. um ótimo ano novo, tudo de bom minha linda.

  7. Dana Watkins says:

    Ingenious. Truly! Very clever. I love this!

  8. Summer says:

    Thank you, Kristin! This is so clever. I’m excited to go visit teaching!

  9. Angela says:

    Each month I look forward to your visiting teaching ideas. The message always takes on a deeper meaning after you add your creative touch. Thank you so very much!

  10. Dianne Maurer says:

    You always have such wonderful ideas to share!! tHANK YOU sooo MUCH!!

  11. Beatriz Gorgorozo says:

    hermoso , muchas gracias tus ideas me parecen maravillosas y me ayudan mucho
    gracias a Delmy también que traduce al español
    un gran abrazo desde Uruguay

  12. Micki says:

    This is wonderful! Thanks so much!

  13. Maru says:

    His ideas are wonderful! Heartfelt thanks for your solidarity to share this in Spanish! Love from Argentina!

  14. may yang says:

    I love this idea and would like to share it with my homevisiting sisters who can’t read English. Can you send me a copy that I could translate it into Hmong? Thank you.

  15. Jana says:

    You have the BEST vt ideas EVER! Thank you sooooo much!

  16. Sasha Verdegem says:

    You and your ideas are amazing!!! And thank you especially for doing it in different languages!!!! This VT idea is genius!!!

  17. Debbie says:

    This is a fun reminder of making visiting teaching part of our lives. I love it! Thank you so much!

  18. Amanda Kriesch says:

    I live in switzerland and I love your ideas for VT. thank you so much for the german version! I hope you will always have someone to translate;-)

  19. Sam says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

  20. Nancy says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you! I’ve just become a v.t. supervisor and this will be perfect to make for my sisters. I appreciate it.

  21. Angela N. says:

    We found one of these wheels in the R.S. room, searched online, and found this great site. So clever! Would you mind if we “tweaked” it a little? We recently had a lesson on getting “A-Round TO-IT” and we might edit the center circle to include that; however, I wouldn’t want to violate your personal copyright privileges. May I ask what software program you use? (I used to be a PC but now I’m a Mac and can’t figure out how to curve the letters.)
    We also love your Innkeeper’s Key. Thanks you.

  22. Koni says:

    I can’t get this to print, it keeps giving me a half of a page. Is anyone else having problems?

  23. Fabia says:

    Hi, we would like to use your Portuguese version for an activity and we wanted to know if it’s possible to change the word “Professora Visitante” to the the word “DI
    Discipula … Because of the Theme of our activity. Can you help us with that?
    Thank you so much!! Please let me know. Our activity is conning soon!

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