LDS temple ornament

This ornament was inspired by the star from our recent ornament exchange. It is fairly simple, but requires a few jewelry-making tools to complete. This is what you’ll need:

4 x 6″ piece of wood

finishing nails

20 gauge silver plated wire

24 gauge bronze wire

assorted beads in blue and gold

gold sequin


wire cutters

flat and round nose pliers

You first need to make a jig by drawing your temple shape on the wood. Pound the finishing nails where the outline changes course. It is important to use nails with a small tapered head, so the wire will slip off the jig easily. Beginning at the top middle spire, shape the wire over the nail, then under the next, then over the next, etc, going around the jig twice, then cut leaving a long tail.

Slip the end of the wire under both middle spires, connecting all the loose ends, then shape an oval to form the hanger, and wrap the wire around the connecting section several times. Crimp the end of the wire close, so it doesn’t stick out.

Snip off another length of wire and wrap tightly around that same connecting section, then twist down the side of the spire, sliding beads on as you go. Go all the way around, then finish off again at the connecting section.

Now it’s time to make Moroni! Gather your supplies.

Using the round nose pliers make a loop on a length of bronze wire, then clamp it tight with the flat nose pliers.

Do the same with a slightly smaller piece of bronze wire, then add the sequin and a gold bead. Make another loop at the end.

Slide a gold bead onto the first wire, then slide on the piece of wire with the sequin.

Add three more gold beads and close it off with another loop. It’s Moroni with a trumpet!

Slide some ribbon through the top of the Moroni figure, and tie to the top of the temple loop. Then make a knot with the ends of the ribbon to create a loop to hang from the tree. You could at this point make another small bronze loop to attach the bottom of Moroni to the connecting piece of the temple, or if the circle is tight enough, you can just wedge it in there.

You can shape that top loop to get Moroni to fit snugly. It would be a good idea to make Moroni first, then when forming the loop over the temple, you can size it accordingly!

Hope you enjoy.

(Want to know more about LDS temples?)

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  1. Becky says:

    absolutely love this. will be making it!

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    Happy to read this blog, love it very much,increasing my interest in these beautiful accessories.

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