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I love the idea of having a box full of Christmas memories to give my girls when they leave our home and start their own families. Since we made so many ornaments this month, I feel like we have a great start on their boxes. Besides the wire temple, Christmas symbols and Shores of Galilee ornaments, I added some nesting dolls, toys, and fancy boxes from my Abu Dhabi stash.

I love what Patti Brown wrote about her family tradition of an ornament and letter every year, and would like to do something similar:  “Every year I purchase an ornament for my son, and take some time to write him a letter about our year.  I include really basic things, like who is currently President, how much a loaf of bread and a gallon of gas costs….those types of things.   I also include personal reflections and thoughts about the year, what was going on in our family, and of course, quite a bit about him specifically.  This typically ends up being a fairly lengthy letter – at least two pages – but it’s something I love doing every year.  It brings me a sense of peace and closure about the year, and it also makes me feel like I will somehow be able to be connected to him down the road, even after I’m gone.  I’m very honest in the letter – I share with him the struggles we have faced during the year, and how we made it through.  Inevitably, because our faith is very important to us, I typically also share something about that.   I fold up the letter, and tuck it in with whatever ornament I purchase for him, and store it in a box that will someday accompany him when he ventures into adulthood.   I  try to purchase an ornament that reflects something about the year. ”

Such a great idea, and reminds me of Susan’s (from Mothers who Knowdaughter journals.


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  1. Sarah says:

    THANK YOU AGAIN! For two years now I have been thinking I need to create a treasure box for each of the boys. Yes I know boys don’t care as much about decorative things as girls but figure they will appreciate having a box of memories when they are older. Because we generally do an ornament each year I want them to have one. Sometimes I just have fleeting thoughts and don’t turn them into actions. Seeing your boxes inspire me. I will simply get some boxes and start now! Perfect timing as I think I want to begin taking down Christmas stuff and have a fresh look for the new year.

  2. t says:

    such a great idea.

  3. Momof5 says:

    We have been doing something like this since my oldest was a baby. Each years, we get a new ornament for the kids. And they don’t have to be different, although we usually try to follow a theme, like bells, snowmen, angels, etc. A few years ago, we started adding shrink plastic to each ornament. The kids each do a plastic piece, picking a picture that says something about them from that year. I came up with the addition after it started getting hard to find 4 ornaments that were different that fit each child’s personality. Add in all the ornaments that get made in school and church, and they have a good sized box.

  4. debi says:

    just so you know, my adult boys care as deeply about christmas traditions as my adult girl. Sentimentality is not gender specific. when their grandma passed away, they had many memories of her and each (boy and girl) asked for one of her christmas ornaments to share on their own personal tree. Don’t ever underestimate the value of sentiment to a young or old man.

  5. Lisa Leavitt says:

    I have done ornament boxes for all 6 of my children. As they’ve got married I give them their box and they love it! Only two more boxes to go 🙂

  6. Julianna says:

    Where on earth did you get those nesting dolls? Darling!!!

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