Dancing it up

My oldest turned 14 last month. She has been so excited to go to dances, and be involved in other Stake youth activities with that age requirement. Each month our youth committee plans dances around different themes.

Last month was “Crazy Neon Socks and Hats”.

Tonight she is off to a “Winter Wonderland” dinner mystery followed by a dance. The evening is a formal affair, and we had a lot of fun finding something fancy to wear. The gown was five bucks from Goodwill. It started out as a size 3X, but was actually really easy to size down with a quick seam up the back.

Another fun find were these $3 vintage Arthur Murray dance shoes. They are darling and of course, perfectly comfortable for a night of dancing!

I forced her outside for one more shot before she left. She was cold, but a good sport as always! It’s amazing to watch my babies grow up. I hope she has a great night.

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  1. So is gorgeous! And I’m totally coveting those socks 🙂

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