Letter Writing as a Visiting Teacher

We had a great Visiting Teaching conference in our ward a few days ago. We have a number of ladies that we are only able to contact through letter-writing. There were a few thoughts shared about how we can can be better letter buddies, which I found to be quite helpful. They are as follows:

Be prayerful – you may not know this sister well, but the Lord does. He will help you know what to say.

Be personal – Share things that you are involved/interested in. Write about what you learned in Church the previous week, write about the weather (it can be personal – what are doing in the season that you are in?), write about something that made you smile recently.

Find your common ground – what can you find out about your sister? Is she on facebook? Do you know where she lives? Perhaps a quick drive-by can tell you if she is a gardener, has children (toys in the yard?), or loves birdhouses!

Offer help – always share your contact info, and suggest things you could help with.

Always touch on something of the Spirit – what did you think of the visiting teaching message this month? Anything you are inspired to work on? What did you learn in personal scripture study, or at church?

Always invite – what is happening in Relief Society – quilting, humanitarian aid, playgroup, book club, enrichment nights, building cleanup, choir, ward social events – there is a lot happening. Invite your sisters to be involved.

Be prepared to act – So you’ve written, shared personal thoughts, offered help and invited,  and you get a phone call asking for help or a ride! Be prepared to drop everything, because this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Click to download the Visiting Teaching Letter Writing Bookmarks. Stash one for yourself with your stamps and write a fun letter to one of your sisters today!

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4 Responses to Letter Writing as a Visiting Teacher

  1. Sarah says:

    Kristin, you did it again! I wasn’t paying attention to where this post came from and I said HEY that sounds familiar…LOVE IT! Thanks again for sharing your creativity!

  2. lizbeth says:

    It’s sooo beatiful!! thank you so much for sharing.

  3. lizbeth says:

    do you have this in Spanish??? thank you.

  4. Christine says:

    Your article was an answer to prayer. Thankyou so much from a sister in England.

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