Good Works Origami Heart

One of my young women asked that we have a personal progress incentive other than candy, so I made a few of these origami heart bookmarks (inspired from here). There are two different folds – a simple one (the back of which is the on the bottom of the photo above), and a fancy one that is just slightly more difficult.

You can see video and photo tutorials for both hearts here. After watching the video, the following pictures will help you on your first few folds to get the text on the correct side of the finished fancy heart.

The first diagonal fold should have the text facing up. (Please ignore the left already-folded side.)

After folding the “x”, fold down so the text is inside.

When you flatten the “x”, the text is on the inside of the squashed triangle.

The last fold (all the steps in between are shown in the video link at the top of the post), is shown above. After you bend that bottom corner back, flip the heart right side up, and you have a fancy origami heart. I then punched a mini hole and threaded some yellow embroidery floss through.

Click to download the simple and fancy “good works” origami hearts.

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