Leap into Personal Progress II

Our upcoming “Leap into Personal Progress” New Beginnings program is coming together. My daughter volunteered to write the script for a skit. It has to do with a young woman trying to find time to work on her personal progress with all the other busy things in her life. She happens to have a pet frog, named Faith, who introduces her to 7 other value-named froggy friends who have found ways to leap over obstacles to read scriptures, serve others, and grow through the personal progress program.

Click to download the Leap into Personal Progress Skit.

We are making value-colored tutu’s and frog hats for the skit. Another young woman is working on some simple choreography to go with theĀ 2012 mutual theme song, “Arise”, which they will perform after the skit.

Also pictured above are some plush valentine frogs from Dollar Tree that are holding paper hearts in plastic sleeves. I am thinking of printing the theme on the heart, then having them as gifts for the girls to take home as a reminder of the evening.

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4 Responses to Leap into Personal Progress II

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  2. Tiffany says:

    Can’t wait to see how it all comes together, super cute!!

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  4. Jerelyn says:

    Wow, your daughter has your creative juices – fabulous skit, well done.
    We don’t do that stuff here in New Zealand – my Auntie is American and she’s been doing skits and musicals and organising huge occasions so I know that is something you do, just wish we did more of that here.
    Excellent blogs also, thanks.

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