Honoring Our Covenants

The Visiting Teaching message for October, Honoring Our Covenants, talks about how we honor our covenants when we serve as visiting teachers, and also how we can help the sisters we visit keep their covenants. I’m using a clothespin to help share this message. Just as the clothespin is a useful tool or instrument – we also are instruments  in the hands of God – as we make and keep sacred covenants. On one end I’ve written, “serve” and “strengthen” to represent this thought:

Visiting teaching is an expression of our discipleship and a way to honor our covenants as we serve and strengthen one another.

On the other end is a heart (because it’s cute and we love each other!), and a rolled up piece of paper that reads,

As we make and keep sacred covenants, we become instruments in the hands of God. We will be able to articulate our beliefs and strengthen each other’s faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

I love the promise behind that statement – that as we try to keep our covenants by serving others, that we will be given the capacity to do so.

Because this is a simple printout, I’ve saved myself some trouble and combined some languages in the downloadable files below. I hope you have a wonderful month!

English, Spanish and Portuguese

German, Russian and French

Dutch and Japanese



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5 Responses to Honoring Our Covenants

  1. Silvia Rocio Salazar says:


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  3. Paige Hepworth says:

    Totally cute….using it this month for VTing and HTing….it is so appropriate with the visiting teaching message and last weeks lesson.

  4. Rachel Woodhouse says:

    I absolutely love this website! I’m hoping everything is ok since nothing has been posted for November.

  5. hcg says:

    Like it. Thanks for doing such a good job. I’ll definitely return to your site to see what’s new and recommend my people about it.

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