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Temple Covenants

The April Visiting Teaching Message is about temple covenants. The teaching aid I’ve made for this month has a “stepping stone” path leading to a fold up temple filled with hearts. The stepping stones represent ways we can prepare to … Continue reading

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Honoring Our Covenants

The Visiting Teaching message for October, Honoring Our Covenants, talks about how we honor our covenants when we serve as visiting teachers, and also how we can help the sisters we visit keep their covenants. I’m using a clothespin to … Continue reading

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Covenant Flower Power (revised)

The Young Women manual 1 lesson 17 is about the purpose of covenants and ordinances. One of the suggested references for this lesson is “The Power of Covenants” by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. This happens to be the talk I … Continue reading

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A Pattern of Precise Behavior

The October 2011 Visiting Teaching Message comes from the special Book of Mormon Ensign issue. It talks about the mothers of Helaman’s warriors (Alma 53; 56-58) and the tremendous impact they had on their rising generation. As a result of … Continue reading

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Back on Track Thaumatrope

The Visiting Teaching Message for June talks about renewing covenants through the sacrament. I have a couple different ideas on how to share the message this month. The first focuses on the last quote by Julie Beck: “I was with … Continue reading

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Covenant Flower Power

Post edit: This idea has been revised to go with YW Manual 1 Lesson 17. Click here to see more. The Visiting Teaching Message for the month of May is to be selected from last month’s General Conference addresses. The … Continue reading

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