YW Olympics

We are having a Young Women Olympics this week – which follows our lesson about caring for pur physical bodies nicely. I made these trophy cupcake stands from some old tractor pull trophies our local engraving shop was getting rid of (free!) and sturdy paper plates. I was inspired by Just Something I Made’s trophy stands – but didn’t spray paint anything, because I kind of liked the value colors represented!

I just pulled everything apart, gave it a good cleaning, then sandwiched the paper plates between marble and plastic pieces. I printed some labels on sticker paper to cover the 2005 tractor pull seal, and punched them out with a 2″ circle punch. You can download the seals here. I have extras, to present to the winning team as they go to be the first to pick out their torch cupcakes.

We had each Young Women class come up with 3-5 events to sponsor. The girls will explain the event then show how it demonstrates both physical and spiritual excellence. For example…

  • egg and spoon relay race – we can carry one another’s burdens
  • balloon toss – share the gospel with everyone!
  • limbo – dodge the adversary
  • hula hoop race – family relationship are circular; eternal


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  1. Corine says:

    You are one talented lady! …glad to have discovered you! 🙂
    Corine 😀

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