Come Follow Me at a Glance for April and May

I’ve worked a little ahead and gotten the youth curriculum overviews for the next couple months done. You can download by clicking here: April and May

The links for activity ideas are below:

Restoration puzzle

Choice and Accountability game

Hello scripture friend

Twig plant marker

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3 Responses to Come Follow Me at a Glance for April and May

  1. Jan Pfeifer says:

    Did you have a Book of Mormon Murder Mystery activity at one time? If so, we would really like to use it in our branch.

  2. Sherri Ziemer says:

    Are you going to continue to do an outline for the curriculum? I was just looking for June’s outline, but I didn’t see it. We love them in our ward and print them out and distribute them every month. You do an amazing job!

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