Temple Covenants

The April Visiting Teaching Message is about temple covenants. The teaching aid I’ve made for this month has a “stepping stone” path leading to a fold up temple filled with hearts.

The stepping stones represent ways we can prepare to receive sacred ordinances in the temple. The hearts have scriptures and a quote on them that refer to covenants and temple blessings.

I taped my stepping stones to Dove chocolates, and the hearts are taped to popsicle sticks. You can find the wonderful temple printable here (which has so many applications – I’m thinking table decor, FHE lessons and more!), and the download for the stones and hearts below:



Spanish  (click here to download entire post in Spanish)



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12 Responses to Temple Covenants

  1. I absolutely love this idea! Thank you for having this idea here. Your website is amazing and having these printables will help me do my visiting teaching every month since I won’t have an excuse for not visiting because of not having a lesson because you have great ideas here. Thanks again!


  2. Giselle Andréa Rodrigues de Souza says:

    Olá quero esse lindo Templo em Português PLEASE…

  3. B Barnes says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful visiting teaching ideas. I use them almost every month and the ladies I visit teach love them. You are so creative. Thank you!

  4. Janet Chambers says:

    You have the cutest and most helpful ideas for Visiting Teaching. Every time we use
    them our sisters love them. Thank you so much for your brilliant ideas.

  5. Camila dos Santos says:

    Hello, I love it the Idea! Congratulations! I´m From Brazil, I´m excited to have this model im portuguese! Thanks!

  6. I love it! Congratulations! I´m so excited do have this one in portuguese! Thanks!

  7. Judy says:

    This is AMAZING! I can’t wait to go Visiting Teaching and share your wonderful reminder! Thank you. Thank You.

  8. What great ideas – thank you so much for sharing! This whole site is a wealth of ideas.


  9. Chris says:

    Thank you so much. Just made these up and they turned out wonderfully! Yay! Since I accidentally printed out one too many, guess I have an awesome FHE lesson too! Double Yay!

  10. Marie says:

    Thank your for so freely sharing your lovely ideas – I used this one tonight to give the March VT message & my sisters LOVED it! I always tell them I am great at following instructions; not so great about coming up with the original ideas – THAT is what the Internet is for!!!

  11. Ariana says:

    I love your printables! They are adorable!!! Thank you so much! You are amazing and I really appreciate all your hard work!

  12. Eileen Doane says:

    The PDF file for the stepping stones and hearts won’t open in English for me it will in Spanish but that won’t work for my sister’s. LOL!! Is there any way you can email me that asap. Would appreciate!

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