Sabbath Day Printable

I made this Sabbath Day printable to go with YW lesson I’m teaching this week. Sometimes we need a little reminder of all the good things we could be doing on the Sabbath – so I made this poster which could be printed on a letter-size paper and put in a binder, or trimmed to 8×10″ and framed for the wall. I like the blue version too:

You can download them below:

Sabbath Day – black background

Sabbath Day – blue background


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Ball Jar Party

I wanted to share this fun Ball Jar Party we recently had with our young women and their secret grandmothers. These invites were sent out to everyone a few weeks in advance.

The jar invite was placed on top of a questionnaire, the answers to which would be read the evening of the activity. Prizes were given to girls and grandmothers that could identify whose answers were being read.

As guests arrived we placed stickers on their backs, and everyone had to ask yes and no questions to determine what famous “ball” they were.

Ball jars were filled with lace, marbles, popcorn and circles. We wrote down  ”How Many, and How Much” were in the jars, then had prizes at the end of the evening for those with the closest guesses.

Tables were decorated with Ball jars filled with flowers, and place cards with jars printed on them.

We drank lemonade from jars, and had fruit purees available to mix in – strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. So yummy!

We also brought desserts in jars – Key Lime Pie, and Layered Red Velvet Cakes. I will share recipes soon, because they were fantastic.

Here is a closeup of my red velvets. They are layered with raspberry whipped cream and cream cheese frosting. I loved this party so much. It was as fun to put together as it was to participate in! Here is a link to some of the printables we used.

Click below to see other fun things we’ve done with our secret grandmothers:

Year 1

Year 2 


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a brief hiatus

Hi everyone. This is just a quick note to let you know everything is fine with me and my family. I’ve received some kind notes wondering if we are okay – since after 4 years of regularly posting visiting teaching ideas I suddenly dropped off my little blog, here! I needed to take a break, and am unsure at this point how long that break will be. I may be inspired to post something here and there, but for now I plan to step away for a few beats. Thanks for the love – I’ve enjoyed sharing with you!!

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Getting to know you printable

Our young women loved filling out these getting-to-know-you pages for their secret sisters last week. The illustration was created by the talented AmberLee Fawson of, and is being shared here with her permission. You can download this version of her printable here.

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Secret Sisters

Girls Camp is approaching, and we have once again pulled names for a secret sister exchange while at camp. I’ve revamped the gift giving suggestions I made last year, which you can download here. I’ve also added some fun ideas to my secret sister Pinterest board here.

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Joy in Family History

The Visiting Teaching message for June is, Joy in Family History. I haven’t made a teaching aid this time around, but instead have a few links to share that might be helpful to you as you prepare a lesson.

This bookmark highlights a quote from the message and has a good list of family history responsibilities on the back.

I love these free printable journaling pages, and could be a fun way to jumpstart starting one’s personal history.

Another good site for thoughtful journaling prompts is found at the This is Me Challenge.

I love this talk from Elder John H. Groberg about Writing Your Personal and Family History.


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Come Follow Me at a Glance – June

Here is a handy guide to the curriculum for the young women classes in June. Below you will find the links for June’s at-a-glance, and some activity ideas to go with it:

June at-a-glance

Bishopric’s Stache activity

Aaronic Priesthood Puzzle

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Come Follow Me at a Glance – July

Here is the July at-a-glance for the Come, Follow Me YW curriculum and the links below for some activity ideas:

July Come, Follow Me

Covenant Flower Power

Baptism Book

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Mutual Opening Exercises

In an effort to have better quality mutual night opening exercises, I’ve made another agenda for our youth to use. The half-sheets of paper fit nicely on mini clip boards (6 x 9″), and I’m considering giving the young man or young woman who is conducting for the month a clipboard with 4 or 5 agendas. They can make assignments for the whole month, fill in the sheets, then hang the clipboard on a bulletin board at church so youth can see and be reminded of what’s coming up.

You can download the agenda here.

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A Christ-Centered Home

The Visiting Teaching Message for May can be selected from a talk from our most recent General Conference. I dove into Elder Scott’s talk, For Peace at Home, and came out with this little 3-D house (shared with permission by artist Cally Johnson. More cute houses found here) that has lots of doors and windows that open and contain ways to have a more Christ-centered home. A picture of the Savior, along with a yummy truffle, fit snugly inside.

You can start out by printing the file download at the bottom of this post. Print page 1, the house image, on cardstock. Print the text on page 2 on regular copy paper.

Using an exacto knife, carefully cut along 3 sides of each door and window, and along all dotted lines. Gently push the openings open, to make sure all the sides and corners are completely cut. Next, score all fold lines and make sure the text lines up correctly behind your newly cut openings.

I then held up the house to a window so I could see the edges of the house, and applied glue all around – keeping clear of the openings, because we don’t want to glue our door or windows on top of the text. Press the house onto the text page, and cut out.

Next you fold, tape or glue – whatever works to get the house all put together. Leave the roof open to insert your picture and candy.

Punch holes in both sides of the chimney, then tie together with a ribbon. I hope you enjoy sharing this message of peace with this cute Christ-centered home! Download below:


Spanish (download this post in Spanish here)





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