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Daughters in My Kingdom

The ladies above are part of the teaching aid for the March 2012 Visiting Teaching message. You may notice some odd details, such as a fruit snack stuck to a boot, chalk dust on a skirt, and a pencil behind an … Continue reading

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Letter Writing as a Visiting Teacher

We had a great Visiting Teaching conference in our ward a few days ago. We have a number of ladies that we are only able to contact through letter-writing. There were a few thoughts shared about how we can can … Continue reading

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Guardians of the Hearth lantern

The February 2012 Visiting Teaching Message, “Guardians of the Hearth“, discusses how women can strengthen families and homes. As I was contemplating what the hearth signifies, and the relationship of women in the home, some interesting ideas evolved. The hearth, … Continue reading

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Something Extraordinary

I helped my sister create this poster to display her ward’s Relief Society goals. I love the quote their presidency chose as their year’s theme: “We are going to do something extraordinary”; spoken by Emma Smith in the early days … Continue reading

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Visiting Teaching Watchcare Wheel

The January 2012 Visiting Teaching message is about how we can better watchcare and minister to our sisters. Sister Beck said, “In reality, visiting teaching is never finished. It is more a way of life than a task. Faithfully serving … Continue reading

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Visiting Teaching Surprise Snowball

 The December 2011 Visiting Teaching message talks again about an “extensive sphere of action” – how as we serve in our homes and communities, we have great influence on those around us. To illustrate this sphere, I made a “Surprise … Continue reading

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Relief Society "New Dimension" Ball

The visiting teaching message for August is entitled, “A Society of Holy Women“. Silvia H. Allred said, “The work of Relief Society is holy, and doing holy work creates holiness in us.” I love thinking of that connection between what … Continue reading

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Our Super Purpose

The April 2011 Visiting Teaching Message is about the purpose of Relief Society. As I read the message and some of the supporting materials (particularly this talk by by Elder Ballard), I was impressed by how valued, how empoweredwomen are … Continue reading

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Pattern in Spanish and Portuguese

Thank you to Delmy for translating into Spanish. (click hereto download) Thank you to Ana Carolina inSão Paulo for translating the pattern in Portuguese! (click here to download.) Is there anyone interested in translating my teaching aids into different languages, … Continue reading

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Pattern in French

I love hearing from sisters around the world! Christine from France translated March’s message into French, and sent this pdf back to me, to share with other French-speaking sisters. Merci, Christine! You can download March’s pattern message in French here.

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